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6 Spaces Homeowners Want Most

According to a survey of Better Homes and Gardens readers, these are the six spaces that homeowners want to see included in their new homes or updated in their existing ones:

  1.  Separate laundry room
  2. More storage and built-ins
  3. A home office
  4. An outdoor grilling/living area
  5. A second bedroom with a private bath
  6. Everyday eating space close to the kitchen

In the Jacksonville and Mandarin real estate market these are all frequently listed by new home buyers as a “must have” or “really like to have”.  How important are these spaces to your family?


What Makes a Good Home a Great Home?

Several aspects go into consideration when ranking a home as bad, good or great.  Not only should you consider the aesthetics of the interior, exterior and the actual durability of the home, you should also take into account these few aspects that can take a home from being good to great.

 1.    Location.   Location can make or break a house.  It could be one of the ugliest houses on the block, but as long as it is located in a nice area with a great school district, the house is golden.  Location is everything.  Remember this when you are shopping around for homes.

2.    School District.  Whether or not you have children, buying a house in an area with a great school district can play an important role in the worth of your house.  Great schools can ensure that there will be a consistent demand for properties.  Over time, this can help increase the value of your home.

3.    Neighborhood.   The type of neighborhood can greatly affect a home. You should see what the other homes look like in your neighborhood.  See how the neighborhood is during early morning, day and evenings.  Even if it is the perfect home, certain characteristics of the neighborhood can affect the house you want to buy.

4.    Crime.   Is the house located in a safe neighborhood?  How about outside of the neighborhood.  Is it located near a poor area where crime rates are high? Even if it’s a beautiful home, the probability of high crime rates can negatively affect the value of the house.

5.    Walk ability.   How close is the neighborhood to downtown?  Grocery and convenience stores?  How close are the schools your children will be attending?  In an ever-growing, green-conscience society, walking has become more and more popular.  If you are in close walking distance to places you visit on a daily basis or weekly basis, the homes value can increase.

Article by Tom Miller

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Buying a Home? Do This Today!

No, we’re not talking about buying a car.  If you are considering a home purchase, please do NOT buy a car or make any other large purchase until your your loan is approved and you have closed on your home.

Today, I would like to suggest that you get into your present car and drive!  Jacksonville has had over 20 inches of rain in the past few days, and some of the worst flooding in years.   If you are considering buying a home, you have a chance to see what your potential neighborhood or house looks like after tropical storm Debby’s visit.

I consider this an opportunity, because most people shop for a home when the weather is pleasant, and then discover months or years later that their property is low and retains water.  Please be careful, and do not drive through a flooded street.

If you are just starting to think about a new home, now is a great time to look.  Just give me a call today!

How to Save Big When Buying New

By Andrew Hill @ http://www.austinhomelistings.com/

How can I save myself time, money and stress when buying a new home?  It seems like a dead end question.  After all, buying real estate demands your time, money and energy doesn’t it?  Yes, of course anything worth having takes time and energy, but that doesn’t mean you have to exhaust yourself when buying your home.  All it takes is answering this one simple question and the entire process of buying new construction can be much more enjoyable.

Have you ever thought about who pays an agent’s commission?  Chances are you might not have ever considered it. After all,  it seems like common sense that you can either pay for your agent or opt to go it alone and save yourself a small commission fee,  right?  Wrong.  In fact, when buying a new home, in nearly every transaction the builder is responsible for paying your agent’s commission!  What does this mean to you?  For starters, it should encourage you to hire your own Realtor!  No matter how much of an expert you may be on real estate, nothing beats having professional service on your side, especially when it’s already paid for.  Having your own Realtor will aid you in finding the right home, working through negotiations,  signing those final papers, and even ensuring that your home has had a quality home inspection completed.

While many people can easily recognize the benefits of hiring a Realtor when buying new, there’s a second train of thought that also derails buyers’ attempts to get the best deal possible.  This thought stems from the belief that if one enters into a transaction without hiring their own agent, then the builder will lower the price of the home, because he has one less commission to pay.  It only seems fair doesn’t it?  Perhaps, but this logic neglects one thing.  Real estate is a business and the builder is trying to earn his fair share. Your builder can be an upstanding citizen and a great person off the worksite, but when you’re talking real estate, you’re on opposite ends of the transaction, and there’s nothing you can do about that.  Furthermore, the builder’s agent will not, and oftentimes by law cannot, give you a better price simply because you lack representation.  This agent is working for the builder alone.  That means if you meet with the builder’s agent as your go between,  you’ll have no professional representation to defend your interests.

All this is to say nothing bad about the reputations of builders and listing agents.  It’s simply business.  But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer, either. Because your agent’s commission has already been paid for, there’s nothing stopping you from going out and hiring the best Realtor for you. Just be sure to bring your agent with you to meet with the builder from day one; otherwise the builder can force you to complete the transaction without your own representation.  Don’t waste another minute searching for the perfect home without your own Realtor!  Before you step foot on a lot or search the internet for new homes, be sure to contact Liz Papenbrock for all of your real estate needs!