Why Aren’t Agents Answering Their Phones?

As Realtors, we spend a small fortune promoting both ourselves and our listings.  We live in the most-connected society ever.  Yet, I have personally found it to be true that most agents (and people in general) simply don’t answer the phone.  It seems we want people to contact us, but then don’t respond to their basic inquiries.

A recent study by the California Association of Realtors found that the top three reasons buyers were unsatisfied with their agents were:

  1.  Slow response time (51%)
  2.  Ineffective/Inefficient communication (23%)
  3.  Undesirable communication methods (15%)

If you choose me to be your Realtor, my promise to you is to be “The agent who answers her phone” .

2014 looks like an excellent year for real estate in Jacksonville, Florida.  If you are thinking of buying or selling, please give me a call at 904-386-9816.

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