The Worst Street Names in Jacksonville

Street sign in Lake MandarinHave you ever wondered how some streets got their names?

As Realtors, we are very aware of street names, since we have to be able to find all these places in order to show homes.  Many streets have lovely names (Flora Park); some are named after famous people (Adams St, Jefferson St).  Many neighborhoods have street names based on the name of their subdivision. For example,  Shetland Pony is in Saddle Ridge; Turkey Trot is in Foxwood Trails.

A few street names make you ask “What were they thinking?”    Here are my nominations for two of the worst street names in the Jacksonville area:

#2 – Fat Man Lane  –  Nassau County claims this location.

#1 – Hard Times Lane –  Oh, my – how do you sell a house on this street?  It is located  off  Manning Cemetery Road.

For the worst multiple street names in a planned community, I would have to nominate a neighborhood affectionately called “Cinderellaville“.  Choose from: Cinderella Lane, Mother Goose Drive, Tinkerbell Road, Peter Pan Place, Flopsy Lane, Mopsy Lane, London Bridge Lane, Bo Peep, Bambi, Boy Blue and more!

Another Jacksonville community has biblical names; Cain Lane is located next to Abel Lane.  Seth Drive, however,  is about 20 miles away in Clay county.

Naming a street can be much like naming a child.  That name will be attached to the houses on it for many years.  Is there an unusual street name  where you live?  Would the name of a street influence your decision in purchasing a home?

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