Plant A Fruit Tree

Yes, we can successfully produce citrus in Jacksonville, Florida.  As a matter of fact, Mandarin got its name from the Mandarin oranges that were grown here.  While  we do have to take precautions during a hard freeze where temperatures drop below 28 for 4 or more hours  (I use heat lamps),  most winters I have been able to harvest my crops with little difficulty.  And you will be AMAZED at how much fruit one little tree will produce!

Here is a picture of my Meyer lemon tree:

Meyer Lemon

I keep the height of my trees about the same height as I am, and have 5 trees along one side of my back yard – a Meyer lemon, key lime, tangerine, an orange, and a Ruby Red grapefruit.  They are ripe and ready between the months of December through March.

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