Public Transportation – Part 2, the Ferry

The St. Johns River Ferry is a daily ferry service  between Fort George Island and Mayport Village.  If you are driving along A1A, taking the ferry across the St. Johns River will save you 24 miles over driving across the Dames Point Bridge.

Did you know the ferry has been operating since 1874?  There are not too many ferries left in the USA, and we are fortunate to have one right here.  Taking the ferry is a great way to begin an outing to one of the Talbot Island State Parks or to the  town of Fernandina.

Not only are there awesome views, but if you are fortunate, you may have the opportunity to meet BJ, one of the ferry’s most popular employees.  After loading all the cars on board, BJ personally greats the passengers, posing for pictures and brightening everyone’s day with his joy and humor.  When the couple near me asked him to take their picture and then kissed, he exclaimed loudly: “Hey, wait a minute, this isn’t the love boat, you know”!  Then, as we approached Mayport, BJ ran to tie up the ferry and direct  cars off before loading a new group on.

If you go: The ferry operates approximately every half hour.  Fares at the time of this writing are $5 for cars, $3 for cyclists, and $1 for pedestrians.  More information at the St Johns River Ferry website.


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