Walk historic St George Street in St Augustine

It’s 4th of July week and St Augustine, our nation’s oldest city,  is bustling with activity.  Let’s join the fun!

Starting at the Castille de San Marco National Historic Monument (more commonly referred to as “the fort”), it’s only a short walk to  St George Street.

City Gates

Shopping on St. George St

Inside the City Gates, you’ll  find quaint shops, trendy restaurants, historic buildings, street musicians and more.

Milltop Tavern

The old schoolhouse was built over 200 years ago when Florida was under the rule of imperial Spain.  The Mill Wheel, powered by an artesian well, was once a grist mill.  It is now the Milltop Tavern.

Street Musician

Enjoy samples at Pizza Alley, and be sure to stop for a gelato at Cafe del Hidalgo.  Vine del Grotto offers a tasty selection of Florida tropical fruit wines.

Performers and street musicians add to the festive atmosphere.  There is so much to see and do – just a 30 minute drive from Jacksonville,  Florida!


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  1. Liz, you make me want to visit. Great pictures!

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