Market Update

Temperatures are heating up here in NE Florida, and so is the real estate market.  Headlines everywhere report the good news:

Numbers are improving in local economy
Figures show housing purchases and prices are up
(Florida Times-Union, May 19)

More Americans expressing confidence in economy and home values
(, May 11)

Home prices show strongest gain in 6 years
(Jacksonville Business Journal, May 23)

A few reasons for optimism:

  • Inventory is down
  • Sales are up
  • Median and average prices are up
  • Building starts are up

Our to recovery is closing tied to the broader economy, and will come one step at a time.  The recession has left many people underwater in their homes, and these distressed properties will continue to impact the market.  But it is wonderful to finally hear good news, and we are excited to be busy again!

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